Probably when you have to sell your house you may not get too many buyers as you would not waste time in renovating it for the purpose of selling it. You would hardly paint the house and would do some small repairs in the house that would at least let the viewers know it is a sort of house that one could live in for a while. Of course, if you have a land on top of which the house is constructed then probably you would get value for the land than for the construction as the buyer would be ready to demolish the existing building and could construct a new home for their stay.

One concern that you would have to face is to adjust or compromise for a low price that is negotiated by the buyer as they would never value the price of building. If it is an apartment then the valuation would still disappoint you. Before the price totally goes down you could plan to sell of your old house and buy the one pearl bank apartments that are quite strong and could serve you for the next hundred years for no doubt.

When you look at these apartments before they are sold out you would fall in love easily, you would truly wonder how the developers have managed to convert the design built in the computer or on papers to the one that you would look at now. This does mean the developers know the quality aspects of the construction before they start the plan of building them and selling them for the individuals who are desperately waiting to buy the house in which they could live long. So, look at them once and you would get to know how and why these old apartments are now valued a lot.