The other day, I met Susan, an old college friend of mine in the shopping mall. She was smiling through but that was a sign of worry that she tried hard to hide but could not. I asked her for a coffee and took a chance to find out her reason to worry.

She said she was looking for a house for herself and her family that will be nearby a school for her children to drop by, and also had a place nearby where she could set up her office as she was an interior decorator, but in a strict budget. she looked at me with amazement as I was grinning while listening to her. And she had a wide smile on her face too when I told her about the answer to her worry- the Vaughan pre-construction condos.

Why is taking a look at the Vaughan pre-construction condo not a waste of time?

Located at a prime location of Vaughan, this condominium is just a walking distance away from four major schools. Not just that, the VMC subway takes you to the York University in just 7 minutes for even higher achievers. Second, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre gives you ample employment opportunity as an emerging mall in the township. Susan could easily buy a space of her choice in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to set up her own office and flourish her business.

To top that these Vaughan pre-construction  condos had all the facilities and amenities that a modern family would require for a happy and healthy lifestyle. As much as I knew, Susan was a fitness enthusiast and her husband was a sports lover. So there was obviously good news for both of them.

These modern condos have modern gymnasium facilities, yoga studio and a fitness centre instated in it. whereas, there is a billiards room and a bocce court and lounge in the premise. The children too would have lots of space to breathe and play around, thanks to the parks and green spaces and also an outdoor swimming pool around.

The condo is surrounded by decent eateries like Marcello’s Pizza, La Taquizza Flavour at its Best, Italian Eatery by Vinnie Zucchini, Wild Wing and others. Plus the condo also has a separate family dining space in it.

Lastly, Susan’s husband had a doubt if it would be convenient for him to go for his work that was in Toronto from this place. Of course, I had to tell him that the condo was just in a stone throw distance from the VMC subway and TTC bus station that were well connected with greater Toronto. Plus the highway 400 and 401 connects the condo well with the adjoining cities.

Now that all her problems were solved, Susan and her husband thanked me with a big smile of relief on their face and decided to book their Vaughan pre-construction condo the very next day.