Age spots are also known as liver spots. It can be tanned, brown or black and looks like a freckle. It usually appears to people aged 40 or sometimes after a prolonged sun exposure and said to worsen if not given proper care.

Causes of Age Spots

Produced by cells called melanocytes produces a pigment known as melanin that gives human skin, hair and eyes their color. This age spots is caused by the excess melanin that melanocytes produce. As mentioned earlier, prolonged sun exposure can also be a cause of this age spot, to further explain this, when the human skin is  exposed to sunlight, the melanocytes produces extra melanin to protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Symptoms of Age Spots

Age spots usually appear in areas usually being exposed to the sun like the face, arms, shoulders or back. It can develop one by one or in clusters. Anyone can have these age spots but are more common to people with lighter skin because it is more sensitive to the sun.


Age Spots Treatment

Age spots are said to be harmless and does not require treatment but since it resembles skin cancer, it would be best to visit your doctor for check-up just to be safe. You can visit a lot of drug stores claiming to help you cure your age spots but we need to be careful in choosing for not all claims are true. Looking for ingredients like collagen, elastin, as well as Japanese kelp extract are best to be sure that it will definitely help you with age spots. However, if a person wants to remove this age spot for cosmetic reasons, doctors like DrZacharia can suggest some of these procedures:

  • Cryotherapy – involves treatment using a cold substance.
  • Laser Surgery – involves using high-intensity beams.
  • Chemical Peel – involves exfoliating and peeling the dead cells away.