Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Age Spots

Age spots are also known as liver spots. It can be tanned, brown or black and looks like a freckle. It usually appears to people aged 40 or sometimes after a prolonged sun exposure and said to worsen if not given proper care.

Causes of Age Spots

Produced by cells called melanocytes produces a pigment known as melanin that gives human skin, hair and eyes their color. This age spots is caused by the excess melanin that melanocytes produce. As mentioned earlier, prolonged sun exposure can also be a cause of this age spot, to further explain this, when the human skin is  exposed to sunlight, the melanocytes produces extra melanin to protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Symptoms of Age Spots

Age spots usually appear in areas usually being exposed to the sun like the face, arms, shoulders or back. It can develop one by one or in clusters. Anyone can have these age spots but are more common to people with lighter skin because it is more sensitive to the sun.


Age Spots Treatment

Age spots are said to be harmless and does not require treatment but since it resembles skin cancer, it would be best to visit your doctor for check-up just to be safe. You can visit a lot of drug stores claiming to help you cure your age spots but we need to be careful in choosing for not all claims are true. Looking for ingredients like collagen, elastin, as well as Japanese kelp extract are best to be sure that it will definitely help you with age spots. However, if a person wants to remove this age spot for cosmetic reasons, doctors like DrZacharia can suggest some of these procedures:

  • Cryotherapy – involves treatment using a cold substance.
  • Laser Surgery – involves using high-intensity beams.
  • Chemical Peel – involves exfoliating and peeling the dead cells away.

Unable to reach hospital! Call the home doctor for the home check up

Suffering from the disease becomes common these days. We all get ill today because of the sinful lifestyle we are following. Late night parties in the club, eating junk food, not exercising for months are a few reasons for getting ill in a day to day life. For this health-related problem we generally meet the doctor for the right treatment of our disease. But there some who cannot go the hospitals and clinics to tale good therapy for the illness they suffering from.

In that case, you can call a home doctor for help at home. There are special regional services also started like home doctor brisbane, so if you are living near to the Brisbane area, you can contact for the home medical service.



24 hours service

The home doctor will be attained to you whenever you want. They are open for 24 hours of the day. You can call them anytime for help in the home. They speedy quality service which will provide you great assistance in the house alone

Reach you anywhere

They have good mobile service for the person who remains in their home and can’t reach the hospitals due to over illness. You can call them wherever you want; they will contact you in a short period.

Data store

They will not give you only home service, but also they can store your disease history also. Whenever you call them for the medical facility in the home, they will save all the details of the disease. So it will automatically help to get faster recovery from the illness because they will treat you along with the history of your condition and you will get faster results and don’t need to examine the disease again and again.

All About memory foam

A comfortable mattress is necessary for a sound sleep. Because it is very essential for good health to sleep well. You will find it worthy to invest in a good mattress. Memory mattress not only provides you a comfortable sleep but it also helps in relieving shoulder, back, and joint pain. Given below are the pros and cons of owning memory foam.


Memory Foam mattress has the ability to adjust itself according to the shape of the body. It works by responding to the temperature of the body and accommodating the shape of the person. A standard mattress, however, resist any sinking and bounce back. Blood circulation and thus pressure joints can thus be reduced.

Spinal alignment can also be improved with this mattress. Posture and hence diseases are improved by this mattress. It is natural that if the mattress is comfortable you will get more sound sleep and you will feel rejuvenated in the morning.



Another benefit of foam is that they are resistant to dust miles and mild dew because of their density. It is perfect for People who are suffering from any respiratory conditions.


There is a complaint that chemical smell is carried by this memory foam. The smell is due to its synthetic material. However, companies are trying to make a complete natural mattress. These mattresses are not suitable for infants and toddlers as there is a high possibility of them to sink down which could lead to suffocation. These foams are very combustible so maybe a bit unsafe.

Another problem with this foam is that they are very hot. Although trials are going on to solve these issues. The reason for them getting warmer is their ability to absorb the temperature of the body.

Hence both pros and cons are associated with this memory foam but they are better than any other mattress and almost all people feel satisfied after sleeping on it.